An awesome choreography in each dance routine.
This dance class combines elements of Indian classical and folk forms with world popular dance styles performed to the latest pop tunes and Bollywood movie soundtracks.

Graceful and pure forms of Indian Classical
Bharat Natyam and Kathak for all ages and levels.
An Indian art-form some 1000's of years cultivated.

Urban forms of dance movement to the latest & upbeat east & west music .
A spicy HOT dance.
A dance of grace, elegance and romance.


WE ACCEPT NEW Students at all times; (click for schedules)
We are looking forward to more memorable and successful seasons with our students and families

DROP - In DANCE classes in

for all ages
Monthly fee $40 for 4 classes;
Drop-in fee $15 per class

Jhankaar specializes in
Bollywood birthdays,
bridal showers, anniversaries,
your wedding dance, mehndi, reception and all choreography's

Studio Space available for
private rehearsals, solo or group,
private instructors, and instruction,
small private parties,
dance workshops
and dance classes in all dance styles, Zumba and Yoga.

Be the STAR at your event? Let us teach you the hottest Bollywood moves to your
First Dance,
Solo performance
Group Choreography
Call/email for your private lessons

Give Yourself the Gift of BOLLYWOOD DANCE

* The art of Indian dancing enhances body posture & alignment
** Develops speed, strength & stamina, & burns more calories per hour than most other dance styles
*** Bollywood dancing routines will relax, re-energize, and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit
**** It allows you to experience another world & be as expressive, energetic & sexy as you want to be
***** Add fitness & suppleness, poses & graceful hand movements, emotion & expression to a dance
****** And most of all it is a source of immense fun. A healthy low impact way to get and stay fit

A refreshing, energizing & universally appealing cardio routine with an easy to follow dance FITNESS with a Bollywood flare, focusing on sculpting & toning long lean muscle. In just an hour long class burn 100's of calories.

A folk dance from Punjab, bhangra combines traditional folk dance moves and non-stop rhythms
for a highly energetic dance class.

Recharge, restore & return
to the energy centers in your body. Feel the pure inspirational life force & healing in your very movement & breath.
Embark on a
dance journey
of enlightenment.